“Praise be to Allah Lord of the Universe, the most Beneficent, the Merciful, Owner of the Day of Judgment-Thee(alone) we Worship ,Thee(alone) we ask for help”.

Al-Ameen Scholarship Committee, which was constituted long back with the sole objective of upliftment of the economically backward community through the promotion of education by awarding scholarships liberally to poor and deserving students. The committee has been able to help more and more students every year Under the able patronage and guidance of Al-Ameen Educational Society.

The following students got benefited from the Al-Ameen Scholarship committee.

Course Source
Syed Kassim Faisal
3rd BCA
Al-Ameen Scholarship Committee
Mohammad Mudassir 2nd BCA KMDC
Sameena Banu 2nd M.Sc Al-Ameen Scholarship Committee
Mohammad Muddasir 3rd BCA Al-Ameen Scholarship Committee
Syed Shakeeb 1st BCA KMDC
Ghouse Pasha 1st BCA KMDC
Aleem Sharieff 1st BCA Al-Ameen Scholarship Committee
Mohammad Nadeem 2nd BCA KMDC
Shaheed Ahmed 2nd BCA Al-Ameen Scholarship Committee