R & D and Research Centre

With over years of experience, AIIS's Corporate Training Centre has earned the reputation as a trusted partner in worldwide professional development and management education that improves the immediate performance and long-term results.

The concepts in our programs are brought to life by our inspiring and distinguished faculty. This group of individuals includes corporate trainers from leading IT companies, consultants, speakers and corporate trainers from various top IT institutes who teach the latest business theories and offer innovative, interactive and practical workplace techniques. Our faculty in not only highly skilled instructors, but also practitioners who work in today's competitive and challenging business world.

We currently offer over *** high caliber open enrollment programs and have access to a range of highly specialized programs through our strategic partners. Our well developed portfolio of programs spans a variety of vital business disciplines, including

• Embedded Training • Training in Testing
• Training in Mainframes • Leadership and Management Training
• Communication & Interpersonal Skills • Business Writing & Presentation Skills
• Financial Management • Marketing and Sales Management
• Human Resource Management  

We also offer training for various Certifications through companies like

• CISCO • Microsoft
• Novell • NIIT

Across years, Al-Ameen scholars from number of disciplines have conducted research on learning and instruction with the aim of contributing to the advancement of IT development, education and training. Our mission is both to perform world-class research on teaching and learning and to apply what we learn, in collaboration with education practitioners, top IT companies, business and government enterprises, non-profit organizations. This mission has guided AIIS in its programs of research, its demonstration projects and its direct support of school improvement and reform.

The R&D Centre will provide support and solutions that are tailored for the specific requirements of the industry. Our research and practical school implementation efforts are dedicated to guaranteeing sustained improvement in achievement for all students.

AIIS's research portfolio includes large programs of extended duration as well as single-investigator projects that are generally of smaller scope and shorter length.