Mission & Charter

  • To train and educate, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, engineers of outstanding ability who can become leaders in the IT Industry and profession.
  • To carry out advanced research and development in information and software technologies and their societal, scientific, industrial and financial applications.
  • To work closely with the industry leaders through their Corporate Schools and to help them in undertaking training programmes needed in the industrial and financial sector.
  • Research centre aim at developing IT for specific problems provide students with opportunities for involvement in IT problem solving and innovation. Major national and international IT companies are actively involved in IIIT's academic programmes through their corporate schools on the campus. These include IBM, CISCO, Microsoft, TCS, Oracle, Motorola, Wipro etc.. A look at the campus tour gives a panoramic glimpse into the ambience luminaries have visited the campus. The academic life is well supplemented my various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Recognising the vital necessity to contribute to the society at large the institute is involved in various social service activities.