Class Rooms : A place that incubates and nurtures budding talent
Spacious and well-furnished class rooms provide a platform to channelize the positive energy & bursting creativity of the young, ignited minds in the right direction with the guidance of our experienced & knowledgeable faculty members

Library :Where information transforms into knowledge.
This is the Information Source Center that quenches the thirst of our students in quest of knowledge. With over 9000 volumes on more than 1800 titles, our Library provides a systematic catalogue for the student’s convenience

Apart from the course/reference books, the library subscribes to various technical as well as non-technical national and international journals and periodicals.

  • Number of Volumes                          : 9000+
  • Number of Titles                               : 1800+
  • Number of Periodicals                      : 55
  • Number of Journals                          : 24
  • Magazines & Newspapers                : 27

LAB : The Fusion of Science and Art
The college has five Labs, which  provides an excellent environment to induce Out of the Box Thinking among the students. The hi-tech infrastructure with 24/7 internet facility of the lab motivates students to stretch themselves to attain excellence in the practical aspects of their knowledge implementation in real world.

Networking  Lab
The college Networking Lab provides the means to our students to learn about Computer Networks, Client Server Models & Data Communication and Transmission Techniques

Application  Lab
This Lab is well equipped with the hardware and software required for working on the latest versions of Application Software's such as C, C++,Python,Cloud Computing JAVA, Visual Studio, Edit Plus etc.

Embedded  Lab
The Embedded Lab has got all the latest Hardware components and tools such as Micro Processor Kits, Integrated Chips, Printed Circuit Boards, IC Kits, Patch Cards, bread boards etc. All the systems are supported with MATLAB and C Programming Soft wares.

Enterprise Lab

System  Lab
Provides the tools and soft wares required to design softwares for Compilers, loaders, linkers, Interpreters and other system related projects as part of the academic curriculum of Bangalore University. IT gives the students an insight of how a computer works with Programming Languages

Programming  Lab
This Lab is well equipped and installed with all the required software’s for basic programming    Languages as per the syllabus prescribed by Bangalore University, like C, C++ and Java. Programming Lab is primarily utilized by the first year students of MCA.

Seminar Hall
The hi-tech seminar hall has a seating capacity of over 150 people. All guest lectures, seminars, debates & workshops are held here.

We have two spacious tutorial class rooms where all special classes, remedial classes and coaching sessions are held. Student-Teacher Counseling Sessions are also held here to understand students better and motivate them to achieve academic excellence.