About us

Al-Ameen Institute of Information Sciences ( AIIS ) is the youngest institution to be run by Al- Ameen Education Society And has multi-lab and corporate training course with regular courses. The Institute offers the two main courses of study. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Computer Science  (M.Sc), affiliated to Bangalore City University and Recognized by Govt. Karnataka.

From modest beginnings the institute has now carved out a niche in the field of quality education. The unwavering commitment of the management to provide quality, value based education, professionally qualified and dedicated faculty and the state of art facilities have made  Al-Ameen Institute of Information Sciences as one of the most sought after institutions for Admission  by top raking students from all parts of the country and abroad. Al-Ameen Institute provide an ambience that is most conducive and personal growth. The versatility of academic programmes is unique to AIIS. A significant number of scholarship is offered to outstanding students on merit  - cum –poverty basis.many innovative teaching method have been put in place, which incude online access to course material , access to digital libraries and international journals and so on..

The aesthetic Al-Ameen educational complex looms large on Hosur road and has become a landmark in this Garden City. The management has consolidate the infrastructure of the institutions with adequate buildings, laboratories, equipments, library, canteen and other facilities. Aiming at creating an ideal environment for good students life, the college is housed on an impressive and imposing building. It is located in the heart of the city in a sprawling serene campus with a beautiful landscape. The students can easily commute to the college from any part of the city. The environment creates an educational and moral atmosphere in the college and contributes to overcoming undesirable influences. The college has well equipped laboratories. The library is well stocked with huge number of text and reference books.